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C4ISRNET’s Kelsey Atherton published in New York Times Magazine

Written by Stephanie Gildea November 15, 2018 0 comment

VIENNA, VA., Nov. 15, 2018 – C4ISRNET, a leading defense publication that focuses on battlefield technology, announced today that Kelsey D. Atherton, a staff writer, appeared in The New York Times Magazine as the author of an article on unmanned warfare.

The article, “Are killer robots the future of war? Parsing the facts on autonomous weapons,” describes the complicated calculus Pentagon leaders will need to make about delegating to machines the job of taking human life. In addition, the story describes the history of autonomous weapons, the moral implications of this technology, and the arguments on both sides of the debate.

“Under what circumstances can and should militaries delegate the decision to take a human life to machines?,” Atherton writes. “It’s a moral leap that has raised fundamental questions about the nature of warfare and that military planners, human rights organizations, defense officials, research analysts and ethicists have yet to reach a consensus on.”

C4ISRNET has a long history of focusing on emerging trends in how the military uses information technology on the battlefield and routinely covers the topic on its website and in 10 print editions each year. The invitation to Atherton from New York Times Magazine, which seeks out contributors for their expertise and influence in a given market, is testament to Atherton’s reporting and C4ISRNET’s market influence.

Click here to read the article in its entirety in The New York Times Magazine.

Click here to read a companion story in C4ISRNET.

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