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Executive Editor Jill R. Aitoro (703) 750-8657 @FedEdJill

Deputy Editor/Pentagon Aaron Mehta @AaronMehta

Managing Editor Chris Martin

European Editor/Germany Sebastian Sprenger

Staff Reporters

Naval Warfare David B. Larter, @DavidLarter

Congress Joe Gould @reporterjoe

Land Warfare Jen Judson @JenJudson

Air Warfare Valerie Insinna @ValerieInsinna

Asia Mike Yeo

Italy Tom Kington @tomkington

United Kingdom Andrew Chuter


Australia Correspondent Nigel Pittaway @NigelPittaway1

Belgium/EU/NATO Correspondent Martin Banks

Canada Correspondent David Pugliese @DavidPugliese

France Correspondent Christina Mackenzie

New Zealand Correspondent Nick Lee-Frampton

Pakistan Correspondent Usman Ansari

India Correspondent Vivek Raghuvanshi

Israel Seth Frantzman

Poland Correspondent Jaroslaw Adamowski

Russia Correspondent Matthew Bodner

Scandinavia Correspondent Gerard O’Dwyer

South Korea Correspondent Jeff Jeong

Turkey Correspondent Burak Ege Bekdil

Video/Photo, Design, Digital Operations and Development

Video and Photo Editor Ben Murray  

Multimedia Journalist/Producer Jeff Martin

Multimedia Journalist Daniel Woolfolk

Multimedia Journalist Alan Lessig

Multimedia Producer John Bretschneider

Senior Editor, Digital Operations Christian Lowe

Digital Editor Steve Weigand

Art Director Philip Kightlinger

Designer Brandon-Mykal Rambus

Director, Web Development Ashley McCabe

Web Developer Kaym Yusuf

Front-End Web Developer Karan Batra