Fifth Domain is the newest theater of warfare – cyberspace – joining land, sea, air and space.

But unlike the other domains, the conflicts in cyberwar are rarely military-on-military. Instead, nation-states, criminal organizations and terrorist groups are going after civilian populations and infrastructure. We have seen this with Russia’s influence in the 2016 U.S. elections; China’s hack of the Office of Personnel Management; the seven Iranian nationals indicted for breaching a New York dam; and North Korea’s devastating attack on Sony.

In order to meet this threat, stakeholders from across sectors and industries – public and private; civilian and military; domestic and international – need to come together for a holistic discussion on the challenges and solutions of the budding cyberwar.

Fifth Domain fills that role as a central hub for news, information and collaboration, whether you’re a cyber pro or just getting started.



Executive Editor Aaron Boyd

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