Sightline Media Group Launches a New Design for Defense News and Military Times Publications


VIENNA, VA., May 21, 2018 – Sightline Media Group announced an exciting new design of its renowned biweekly publications Defense News and the Military Times group – Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, and Air Force Times. This is not simply a redesign but also a significant upgrade from the former newsprint production format to a better magazine-quality stock.

Readers will notice a higher quality reading experience. The contemporary new design on new stock better presents photos, utilizes new graphics and introduces a news brief section in the front of the publication to improve the pace and cadence of each edition. In addition to the improved stock, Military Times will have an improved trim eliminating the ragged edge of Military Times while adding full bleed to advertising pages.

All of the publications retain the news-analysis orientation, a winning formula based on a commitment to unparalleled journalism which readers have come to rely upon. There is however increased reference to the brands’ web/mobile sites for more breaking news, special reports, digital features and information, creating an integrated approach befitting a multimedia brand.

Advertiser’s pages will have much better impact and resonance in the new design. In addition to far better stock and advertisement reproduction, the new format opens up a myriad of custom advertising options, including gatefolds, inserts and new premium advertising placement opportunities.

Defense News will maintain its current size, and the Military Times size will adjust slightly to the current Defense News size, which adds to efficiency and economy for Sightline’s overall print coordination. The amount of size lost in Military Times is miniscule, basically corresponding to the ragged outer edge in the current newsprint form. No content area is lost. Ad sizes will remain the same for Defense News, and will adjust slightly for Military Times.

“We believe strongly in print and its lasting value. It’s one of the co-equal platform pillars upon which we are building the company – digital, video and broadcast, events, custom and print,” said David Smith, President of Sightline Media.  “You can’t have multi-media without the multi. In this, with these five pillars, we are truly the only multimedia company in our markets. Print is important to us as it is to readers and advertisers, bringing context and perspective into play above and beyond the tick-tock of daily news coverage. Print is iconic, it’s gravitational, has impact and is of record. It’s part of our core portfolio, not simply as legacy. We are investing in it, evolving it, while not resting on it as the core focus part of our brands. Having truly multi-media brands is a part of our vision as the pre-eminent multi-media company in the military and defense markets.”


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